June 10, 2017

Tomorrow (Sunday) morning I head out for a week of training for work. It will be a long drive to get there but the training location is way too far to commute. It is in a great spot and should be fun and interesting. I’ll get to see some new friends I made a few weeks ago when I went to train them and I hope we can get out for refreshments and/or dinner after class a night or two. I am really looking forward to going where I am going (and have wanted to go there for a while), getting into class, and of course, I anticipate some delicious dining experiences. Man I like to travel!

If I have anything interesting otherwise to post about while I am away I will post it. I hope to be taking lots of pictures and posting them along with a new entry about some parts of the trip after I get back.

In the meantime, feel free to go back (if you haven’t already) and check out my blog starting with the first post! There are lots of travel photos and things that may be of interest to you from my adventures.

As always if you are so inclined to drop me a note via the comment link please do so. Comments do not post unless I approve them so they stay private and I will respond if it’s necessary.

It was quite busy today and it’s pretty much full-tilt boogie now until the end of my season. I really enjoy the rush of the job and the pressure. Sounds twisted I know, but it’s fun and rewarding. We have additional people starting in the office over the next few weeks and my crew will be fully staffed, ready to kick even more ass!

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