April 22nd, 2017

I started back to work for the season on Monday. It was odd working five days this week but it is going to be nice to build the bank account back up! Getting to spend time outdoors in not-so-crappy weather has been nice as well, but it IS the PNW.

I have been anxiously anticipating the season starting. Some new challenges and expectations come along with the new position I now have and I am looking forward to those, as well as continuing on with the responsibilities I had last year as well. Never a dull moment and each day is different – be it the weather and/or the people there is always something new.

Another plus about building the bank account back up is I have been thinking of a trip overseas someplace. I am not quite sure where yet but I have some destinations I am interested in and I would like to stay there as long as possible. Most of Europe and Eastern Europe have long been on my bucket list.  Other places are intriguing to me as well – Tokyo, Viet Nam, Iceland, Australia, and all are possibilities. I am not sure when I will go quite yet but I need to start thinking about that. I have a friend whose wife is from Poland. I missed out on going with them this year but would like to tag along with them on a trip at some point. He really likes it over there and it sounds like an interesting place with a lot of history.

I am going to get my trip in to Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire this year to visit those last three of the fifty states. That is a BIG bucket list checkmark. I still would like to drive across and see as many of the Canadian Provinces I have not been to while in the area. I got my free Parks Canada pass for 2017 so I can really get some use out of that. I also have an America the Beautiful pass for the U.S. so my sightseeing is all covered pretty well between the two.

Life tends to change as we all know, so I may have to just fly to the “other corner” for the time being. I have been trying to get there for several years and I decided last year that 2017 is the year I go there one way or another. Getting to all 50 states is the first thing I ever had on my bucket list and it’s time for that check mark.

One last note – I try hard to keep my opinion about politics out of this blog. Yes, I may have posted a few things in the past but I think I have gotten all of those posts deleted. This blog is meant to be about dome of what’s going on in my life (at least what parts that I share on here) and my adventures, and was started so my friends and family could keep up with me since I may be the last remaining person online who is not on Facebook.

With that said, it is pretty damn difficult to keep my opinions quiet on here with what is going on in the world and I think that I am actually am doing pretty good at it!




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