March 9th, 2017

Almost home!

I left Pendleton, OR this morning to make the almost final push home. It was a rainy drive all the way, and I decided to stop and stay at Walmart in the parking lot to wait until morning. I do not want to haul the trailer home just to turn around and haul it back for storage.

Upon arriving at Walmart I opened up the trailer to get settled in…only to find the damn trailer roof leaked and there was water everywhere. I went out in the blowing rain trying to at least slow down the leak since I really cannot stop it completely with this rain. Unfortunately, my temporary fix looks a bit unsightly but I have to do what I have to do.

I am really hoping to get even a short break in the weather in the morning to seal it up with sealant but I do not know if that is even a possibility. The forecast calls for rain until the year 3010 so I will probably be fighting it until I can find covered storage tomorrow.

This was more than a bit discouraging I must say. It never leaked last night while it rained. I really hope it can find its way out and not ruin anything more. I guess I shoulda checked and sealed it before I left KS but didn’t think about doing that. My hope is that I can get it into the storage unit I already have and I will not have to be driving around hunting for another one.

But, on the bright side, I am nearly home and that takes quite a bit of pressure off. No more trying to plan around the weather to get home in time for things I have to do. Such a relief!

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