February 24, 2017

This morning I left Loran and Meghan’s house and made it quite far into Wyoming. Tomorrow I have to do the daily weather/highway intel briefing and hope to be where I need to be in Kansas in the about two days.

It is a beautiful area that they live in. Very windy but beautiful with that infamous Big Sky they are known for in those parts.

View of Madison River Valley around Meghan's House

Meghan's House

When I left I went up the main highway and then turned east onto a blue highway at Norris, MT. It took me past a natural hot springs and back through a beautiful area along a river for the entire trip to Bozeman to catch I-90 east. Many places around their house that I drove through looked just like south central Washington – beautiful, rolling hills cradling a ribbon of asphalt that had me dreaming of riding a motorcycle down those roads. Then, seeing the snow on the road wakes me from that dream. I bet it is really nice in the summer.

The highways were actually in much better shape than I thought they would be.

Along I-90 in Wyoming

Along I-90 in Wyoming

Along I-90 in Wyoming

I had to slow down in a few spots but most of the way I was able to keep my speed up near the speed limits. That really helped me get to tonight’s hotel but not really quite as far as I wanted to get. I got here safe and that’s what matters. I had to pull over as the sun was setting and due to the road conditions getting worse the farther south I went. I certainly didn’t want to drive in those conditions after dark. It was blue sky and sun for the last part of the trip and it sure was nice to see those two for a change. Not very many trees out but the rolling, sagebrush- and snow-covered landscape was beautifully surreal. I do miss the lush, green Washington forests. One more thing I am really noticing is the dry mountain air that I have not been around in winter in a few years. My skin is really dry.

I have been thinking lately that I wanted to come up with a new title for my blog… something other than just my name… so I have changed it. The new title suddenly came to me today while scooting down the highway and seeing some large fifth-wheel trailers. I have decided to pay homage to the classic Lucille Ball movie “The Long, Long Trailer” with renaming my blog “The Short, Short Trailer” (my Scotty Hilander is a 15′ model). I also tweaked the color scheme of the blog pages to reflect the turquoise color on my Scotty trailer. There will possibly be a few more changes sneaking into the blog in the future. I do still hope to incorporate some video in the near future. I need to get some new pictures uploaded and will get to that soon.

That’s about all I have for today’s entry.

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