February 22, 2017

I left home yesterday afternoon to get a jump on the weather. With a storm moving in from the west and across my path I need to make time while I can. I did get into some foggy weather and near-freezing temperatures so I had to back off the skinny pedal a little. That meant a later arrival than I was hoping for but I made it safe.

I set out hoping to get to Spokane and get a room for the night. I ended up in a Quality Inn in Spokane Valley for the princely sum of $24 and change. Yes, you read that correctly – $24. I started using Expedia for all my travel needs (only for hotels so far) and I am quite happy so far. Their app is very well done and easy to use so I highly recommend it. I had built up enough points the last few months to get the room for that low rate. It ended up being a really nice place.

I left the hotel this morning to continue the trek east with the idea of getting to Loran and Meghan’s house in Montana. Leaving yesterday really helped to cut down on driving today so I made it to their house at a decent time. They have a really nice place with great views. Leaving a day early also gave me plenty of time to stop for breaks and stretching. With the concern for the weather I cannot do as many stops to see some things that I want to see, but some places are not even open anyway.

Driving 8-12 hours a day gives you plenty of time to think. I have been trying to decide on a few changes to the blog – mainly a new domain name, but possibly a new title. Not having too much luck yet but I am working on that along with trying to come up with a new personal email address. My creativity has been lacking lately but I am feeling like it is coming back. I have actually had a few new song ideas so that is definitely a big step in the right direction.

I am also considering putting my website name on my trailer so another reason I am considering the aforementioned changes. When I was driving back home through Montana in October I saw a trailer with a website on it and of course I had to look it up. It was an interesting travel blog and it was fun to look at. Many of the RV videos on YouTube have website info on their rig so why not me? Perhaps there are people who would be interested in looking at my blog so they need to know where to look! I would really like to monetize my blog somehow so I need to figure that out at some point. A few extra dollars never is a bad thing.

Tomorrow I hope to do a road trip to historic Virginia City, MT. and possibly Yellowstone (but not too sure about that with the snow around here. I was through Virginia City years ago on vacation but want to go back. I vaguely remember going there but want to go visit again and get some good pictures. It is a National Historic Landmark District and you hear about in the old Western movies. I will be doing a little sightseeing around the area Loran and Meghan live as well.

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