I write this post as I am sitting here in the cabin on Protection Island. I’ve got a nice wood fire going in the stove and I am enjoying a cocktail after a busy and hectic last few days. I am now the caretaker on P.I., and this is my first night here in that role. It has not had a chance to sink in quite yet. What has sunk in is that I’m tired.

This is a whole different lifestyle and will take some adjusting, but it will be great and I am really looking forward to it. The cabin is completely off the grid, and there is no internet. There are a few solar panels feeding batteries and a back-up generator. My internet will be through my iPad or my iPhone.

I came over here late today – around 6:00 pm. It was a beautiful evening to be on the water. There was a little choppiness in one area, but overall a nice ride across.

I have spent the last few days in turmoil. I have been running about trying to get out of my other cabin but my car broke down. Apparently, the brand-new transmission I had put in 22,000 miles ago decided to go back south.

My car broke down last Thursday. I had it towed to our office and then the next day I had it towed to the place to do the warranty work on it (thank you, AAA). Of course they have to try to fit me in when they can and I understand that. It’s not their fault. I had it done in Colorado before I left.

I called the shop today to try to see what timetable we were looking at for my car to be done. I explained my situation with having to get out here to the island and being at the mercy of the waves to pick my car up. He said it probably will not be done until next week now. Pretty much everything in the transmission is shot. He told me nothing was salvageable out of the inside of it. It’s really in bad shape and they really don’t know what part failed first it is so bad.

This has really put a big damper on my plans for trying to get over here to the island a little sooner. I have had to rely on other people to haul me around. I went to the grocery store today on my motorcycle and I was quite surprised how many groceries I was able to fit in the saddlebags. Of course, the motorcycle will not hold enough stuff to take over to the boat to bring over to the island. That is where I’ve had to rely on the other folks.

Luckily I have had the motorcycle to rely on. Got to do some running around I needed to do but it was also two very beautiful days for a motorcycle ride.

But I am out here now. Finally!

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