It Happened Again… AAARGHH!!!!

Just the same as last year. I missed out on a free Black Ball Ferry ride on my birthday to Vancouver Island due to being sick. On top of that, it was free admission day to the Royal B.C. Museum. I lost out big time this year. Oh well… whatcha gonna do.

Other than a trip to town to get more groceries and a doctor visit, I have been pretty much cooped up at home for nine days until today. I celebrated by going out to the lighthouse and putting up some signs and enjoying the out-of-doors. It sure felt good to be back out there on the beach and seeing those snow-covered Olympic Mountains, and the day was pretty nice – ended up being the calm before the storm.

I came home for lunch and my ears are stopped up and sore from being sick so after lunch I had to wait to leave to go back to work until after taking some more meds so in the meantime I had to get more fired up after getting beat down by the wind on the Spit. What better way than to watch a video. Oh yeah… I had to watch Metallica “Creeping Death” live from Seattle. That is one of their best and most powerful songs, and maybe even my favorite song of theirs. That will light a fire… believe me. It also asks the question “Whatever happened to that band?”. But, I digress. I may be into progressive rock now, but I will always like my metal.

I spent the afternoon at the kiosk talking to visitors. It felt good to be back outside and working again… even though the weather was turning for the worse in preparation for tonight’s Wind Advisory. I got cold out there, but as I write this a big bowl of pasta is stoking the fires and getting me warm. I got a bit tired of chicken soup so this is a very welcome change. I topok some fresh salmon out of the freezer to cook up so that is on the menu the next night or two.

Otherwise, it has been fairly quiet the last few weeks around here. It is a huge relief that my boating class is finished so I can now concentrate on some other things needing to be done. Gotta finish up my taxes for one thing. I have a few other projects for work I need to finish up as well.

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