MOCC Day 2

The second day of class we did a little more bookwork in the morning and then we went out to practice some maneuvers in boats in the harbor. It was a little challenging because the wind picked up a little bit. We were put into teams of three people and we practiced some rescue techniques out in the water. We also practiced some docking and we had to pull a 17 foot boat into a 20 foot circle and do a three point turn to come out the same way that we went into the circle. Needless to say that was a bit of a challenge with the wind, but it was fun.

Another thing of note is being in Washington, as many of you know, sometimes it’s not very sunny up there especially this time of the year. Being out in the sun all day like that for most of the day like that is just physically exhausting to me. Add to that all of the bookwork and the nine hours of class a day there is a lot going on. 

But, there was still time to go to Leonard’s tonight and get some more malasadas! This time, the other three people here at the bunkhouse with me I was able to con into going and it was fun.

So far it has been a lot of information to absorb. I’m still a little concerned about the knots but I have been practicing furiously on that.

Tomorrow is the third and final day of the class. Done some more studying tonight, and more knot tying practice. Tomorrow is a big day, and it is the main reason I am here in Hawaii.

Everything else is secondary.

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