I type this entry on my iPad as I am sitting here in SeaTac waiting to board a flight. The irony is that as I use my tech to update my blog, I am people-watching and everyone is so consumed by their electronic devices. People walking along and not paying attention to where they are walking as they are listening to music, typing on a tablet or laptop or even their smartphones. They are so oblivious to everything and everyone around them. I type a few words and stop to look around at the silliness.

It is interesting what we have become as a society. We do not even know what is happening around us anymore. Yes I am typing away, but I am still looking around and not totally sucked into my own little world while I type this blog entry. Take the couple sitting next to me, for example. He is sucked into his laptop, while his wife is sitting there with a disgusted look on her face while he is checking his e-mail and screwing around on his laptop.

It is difficult when tech makes life so easy and it is so easy to use (if you don’t use Android devices, that is). My boarding pass is on my phone – no need for a physical copy. I do love my technology, but I do try to not let it rule me. Is it difficult? Yes, but sometimes I do not answer my phone, messages, or e-mails because, well, I don’t wanna. I have learned to enjoy a meal at my leisure, and sometimes I wait hours to return calls or messages. I like the fact that it can give me my calendar, contact info, reminders, notes, music, and info I need to access when I cannot wait. Oh yeah, it is for communicating too.

It is really pretty simple. Just treat your device like a home phone. You cannot answer your home phone when away from home, so why must we feel the need to answer any phone any time?

I have already ranted about people and their damn cellphone calls in public so you know how I feel about that already. I am not seeing (or hearing) much of that for the most part.

And THAT is a damn good thing.

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