New Song Project

Well, this new song project – as yet untitled – is coming along. For now I call it a “song project” as this first part I am working on is really several songs and bits put together into one song as a sort of “concept album” that I have had the idea of doing for a while now. It is an ambitious project and it is pretty involved doing it since it is quite complicated to assemble it like I want. It is far from perfect, but right now I am just experimenting to see how it is going to turn out without putting in even more work on it. I am also having to figure out how to do some things in my software that have changed with the last update and using some other things in it that I have not used before.

I am also somewhat pushing myself and my skills more technically on everything – software usage, production ideas, playing of instruments, different vocal style, etc. It is really interesting to see how this is all coming together and I think it may possibly surprise listeners. It is MUCH different than the other songs I have posted on my SoundCloud page.

Just looking at the songs I have done both with John and by myself, I count at about 20 songs that I have recordings of. Many (probably most) are complete, and I have many others that I have ideas recorded by not finished; I just record ideas and save for a rainy day.

I may post some of it when I get a sense of completion of it. I will just have to see how it turns out and go from there.

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