Let’s Try This Again…

Well, it looks like my Hawaii training/mini-vacation is tentatively scheduled for sometime in January… hmm, Hawaii in January. I do believe that will not suck much at all. Hopefully we can get it done this time and not have to deal with a shutdown. I’ve got things to do and islands to be on and do not have time for political BS.

On another note, it is starting to feel like Fall here. Leaves are on the ground, but there are still some trees that are just starting to turn! The weather is changing but it is still pretty nice here even though there has been some windstorms. Even when it is overcast it is still a wonderful place to visit. We are seeing lots of birds so get out your Sibley book, binoculars, appropriate clothing, some water and snacks and come on out for some birdwatching! It is a bit quieter here than in the summer, but the overcast weather is still good to be outdoors. Just look at it as you do not need sunscreen! I even got a call today from the caretaker on Protection Island to let me know there was a small group of orcas heading our way. Unfortunately I did not get to see them since I had things to do.

The change back to normal time was a relief, but we now close at 4:30. During the long days I split my day because it is easier to get things done since I have to close the refuge. This time of year, however, I work straight through so I cannot get away much until after I close up at sunset. I have to start getting to town to run errands after work instead of on my weekends so I can have some damn fun!

The last few weekends I have been busy running around doing some of those errands so no adventures to write about, but next weekend I plan on getting out to do some things so check back!

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