Yay and Nay!

Yay! I got the title to my Honda, so I just went and got the tag for it… I can ride! YAY! The title place here did not like how it was the first time so I thank Dan and Crystal for getting that taken care of and getting it back to me. It came sometime the last few days… hence the “Nay” part.

Further adding to said nay is I have had some bug that is going around on top of a sinus infection. It sucks. Spell it with me now… S-U-C-K-S. I was coughing so hard I would see white flashes in my eyes, had a headache for 5 days from the coughing, and I cannot sleep… plus I missed four days of work trying to recuperate from this crap. I decided I felt good enough to get out of the cabin today and do some light-duty things around the refuge until I can get my strength back. Codeine cough syrup is supposed to help me sleep, but it does the opposite for me – it keeps me awake I am finding out. Had a few interesting things – let’s just call them “visions” – last night, however. Never had that happen with codeine before so that was quite the experience.

It was a warm and beautiful day with sunshine and blue skies for most of it. It started raining as I was getting the tags – it is just as well… I am not ready to ride yet since I am still a little sick.

Well, fixing some food, and then going to kick back with some cough syrup and watch the sci-fi movie. Starting to cough again and I hope I did not overdo it today and relapse. It is my weekend now so we will see. I need to get well for Sunday. I am going to Victoria, B.C. Canada for my birthday.

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