So, Yesterday…

…I go to a doctor appointment. I get there and park next to a couple with a teenager also heading to the doctor. They seemed to be a normal family… until the kid got out of the car.

First off, I do not understand the whole androgyny thing… it is not cool or interesting. I am far from a prude, and don’t mind guys with long hair or girls with a shaved head. The “guess what I am?” thing is beyond me but hey… to each their own. I could not tell if this was a he or a she at all. Add on top of the gender neutrality was the clothes this kid had on… a purple coat with fur around the hood, and these bright red knee-length shorts that were enormously baggy with black zippers all over them. Pasty white legs and black socks and boots finished off this well-rounded ensemble.

Wait… it gets better.

As they were walking away in front of me, I had to do a double take. Sticking out from the back of the coat was a goddam tail. A BIG, yellow foxtail with a black tip that was probably knee length and CURVED UP pushing the coat out. The parents never said a word to the kid and acted just like nothing was out of the ordinary. I did find out the name was “Daria” when they called her into the doctor. Maybe they were there getting it circumcised… hell, I don’t know.

Now, I am pretty liberal when it comes to stuff… tattoos, pink hair, piercings (hell… I have 10 earrings), and I was never one to really like to have short hair. But… if my kid EVER wanted to go out in public wearing their pants hanging low with their undies hanging out the back (so, just what IS the belt for that you have on if not to hold your damn pants in place?!?!), or a goddamn tail like that… a line is going to be drawn. I would not be seen in public with your ass.

You just do not see that every day.


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