Open Mic Night

I went to, but did not play in, Open Mic Night here in Sequim. I wanted to check it out just to see how it was set up.

There are some damn fine players here in this area. I got to see some serious bluegrass musicians and singers, a slack-key guitar player who had some really nice songs, an auto-harpist, a gal who played harmonica that was very good, and many others. It was over 2 1/2 hours of music all together, and it was a good time. I have to get my acoustic worked on so I can play soon… maybe next week, but we will have to see about that.

I got to talking with a bluegrass guy named Cort Anderson (, who I met at the songwriting workshop last week, and I am going to work with him on a song. I got an idea for some interesting lyrics just before I left to go tonight that I mentioned to him and he wants to see them. It will fit his style perfectly so I am looking forward to working on it with him, and will be a fun project and a definite challenge for me. Check out his music on his website. He is really talented, and a really nice guy.

2 thoughts on “Open Mic Night

    • Hi Sandy.

      I have not had a chance to get back over there lately but hope to soon! Had a hand injury and it has taken some time to get past that so I can play guitar again. Been picking it back up and doing some practicing to knock the rust off and feel a new song waiting in the wings. In one of my posts I have a link to my SoundCloud page with some music on it I recorded if you are interested.

      When I can get over there again I will be sure to say hi!


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