Woot! Woot!

My motorcycle just arrived.

My New Toy - 1986 Honda V65 VF1100C

My New Toy – 1986 Honda V65 VF1100C

You probably want to ask me why I am typing this instead of not riding it. The keys were sent to me but I think they got here the other day and I did not get to the office to check my mail so I think the keys are here but locked up. D’oh. No tags yet, either, but I coulda taken it for a spin around the block at least. It feels pretty good just sitting on it saying “VROOM! VROOM!”. Cannot wait to fire it up! I guess I need to go helmet shopping. Gotta get some good gloves as well.

It is a black 1986 Honda V65 Magna – 1100 CCs of scalded dog fast.

A big thanks to my bro Dan for helping me out on getting it from his house to mine.

10 thoughts on “Woot! Woot!

    • Thanks! I am stoked to ride it.

      Last one I rode was with my uncle a few months back, and it was a 6-cylinder Honda CBX1100. I have never ridden the “cruiser-style” bike before so it will be something to get used to.

      • Wow…the CBX1100. I’ve never seen one in person, much less rode it. How was it like? Heavy? Powerful? What’s the handling like?

      • It has a very unique sound being an inline 6. I had never ridden a bike that big and it was easy to ride; it did not feel real heavy, was smooth, fast, and wound up pretty quick but just keeps on winding. It is a bit of a tall bike but was a pleasure to ride.

        My uncle has two of them. He restores old Hondas and does a fantastic job on them. If you can lay hands on one you would not regret it!

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