New Song… Finally!

For those of you who might be interested, I just posted a new song at (sorry, but I have a lot of trouble trying to get the damn links to ever work in WordPress for some reason, so until I figure that out you will have to copy and paste). Just search my name and find the newest one; it is called “Not a Bad Place to Be”. The music and lyrics were written and copyrighted by me.

I am so glad to FINALLY get some good recording done. Meghan sent me things I forgot – my cables to patch equipment with and my headphones to monitor what is going on as I record. I have had several ideas that I have been messing around with so I am excited to finally get them into the Mac. I have been doing bad quality open-air recordings on my iPad, and it helps to get them down so they are not forgotten, but to really do a demo with multi-tracks is much easier on a computer through the proper equipment. Not that I am a pro or anything.

I did do a song with John a month or so back that I mentioned in a previous post. He sent me the music and I wrote the words. He will probably be doing some work on more of the music and arrangement in the future so we can hopefully both get it posted.

I did have a bit of a dry spell with writing, but I feel that is because I had no way to record so it seemed like a futile effort. I have been playing pretty regularly and am getting better as a player still. I have had plenty of ideas, and with my abilities getting better it opens up more ideas. The new Strat is feeling and sounding good!

Well, it is my Saturday night so I am having a drink and gonna kick back and watch “Reno 911!”.

Have a great night or day everyone!

2 thoughts on “New Song… Finally!

  1. well shawn..i finally got to hear your songs..i really like all of them..i didn’t know you had all this talent..i look forward to hearing

    • Thanks, Sharon! Glad you liked them.

      I won’t get rich or famous with them… it would be nice, though! Maybe someone famous will want to record one someday and I could retire.

      Wait… I AM retired.

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