Wait a minute… you mean to tell me that it’s December already?

Wow… this year has flown by at an alarming pace! So many things have happened in my life in the first few months of this year I sometimes wonder how I was able to get through it with any thread of sanity left (and I know many of you who would question that comment!).

It has been a great year actually. It was quite trying at times, but I made it and am better than before. I decided to start hitting the rec center and it is starting to become noticeable. I feel better, my arms are getting bigger (no… not like Popeye), and I am just in overall getting back in better shape. It feels pretty good. I cannot afford insurance, and my special cholesterol meds are very expensive (plus I have not found a doctor here yet to write me a scrip) so I need to get even more healthy and stay healthy. I cannot take Lipitor… even without the glass in the pills – it messes with my muscles.

It is hard to believe that another year is rapidly coming to a close. It seems that the older I get the faster they go. It could slow down a bit and I would be good with it. I guess I do not need to write a Christmas update letter to anyone – they can just look at the blog to get my story this year. It would wear me out to write everything all down again, and I really do not care to relive many parts of it. Life for me has gotten a fresh start and this new chapter is what I am working on now.

So, if you want to see some of what has gone on with me this year, go to the first posts and you will get an idea. If you don’t I still really appreciate you taking the time to read (and like or follow!) any of my posts. I try to make things interesting for readers – I would like for you to tell others and keep coming back, so I need to keep it interesting, lively, and as fun as I can.

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