Blog Pimpin’

I saw something interesting about blogging and getting more visits.

Someone suggested putting “Justin Bieber” in your posts in some form. Now, I do not care for the music of Justin Bieber – I just cannot stand the style of music that Justin Bieber does. Many people in this world like Justin Bieber, but Justin Bieber is just not for me.

Now if Justin Bieber performed some music that is not like what Justin Bieber currently performs, then I might understand why Justin Bieber is so damn popular.

I do not know if this Justin Bieber idea will work or not, but I just might have to start stealthily sneaking “Justin Bieber” into some of my posts at some point to shamelessly self-promote the blog. Jeez… maybe I coUld Sneak thaT IN by putting it in words in capital letters Because It is likE BEing Rather sneaky but still putting “Justin Bieber” in my blog, except no one would know it. Kinda like food frames they used to do at the movies decades ago to get you to buy more popcorn.

But, then again, Justin Bieber is just someone that I don’t want to use to do said shameless promoting – at least not at this point in time.

Well, I will give it some more thought.

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