Damn You, Wal-Mart

What the hell has happened to you, Walmart (or, Wal-Mart, as you used to be called)?

Not only have you infiltrated every small town and destroyed local business, you treat your employees like slaves. I guess that has given the okay for the rest of the corporate scumbag CEOs and their douchebag little lapdog managers who are now starting to follow your lead in how employees are manipulated, disrespected, and taken for granted. For several years I refused to shop there, knowing that they treated employees like shit and threw their clout around to get what they wanted regardless of the collateral damage inflicted around them.

After a few years they APPEARED to have started doing the right thing, so I started to shop there agin and spent many of my hard-earned dollars there as so many others have done, except you will never see me disgracing the human race on the “People of Wal-Mart” website.

Apparently, they have never stopped doing the wrong thing and had me fooled. With the recent labor issues at Wal-Mart coming to light I have once again decided to try my best to boycott that damn place, and I hope everyone else does too. American corporations need to start treating people like humans and we, as consumers, need to let Corporate America know that we support our fellow workers and not the greed that has become so commonplace in this country.

I saw this at the front door of the local Wal-mart and I had to laugh, yet I wonder WHO the brain surgeon was in the Legal Department is that thought THIS up:

Apparently, my money is not welcomed here

Apparently, my money is not welcomed here

I was talking with someone a few days ago and we were discussing Wal-Mart and the crap that they pull. We also were discussing shopping habits. He said that he shops at Safeway by what is only on sale and NOT by a grocery list – very little, if anything at all, in his cart is full-price. He shops very little at Wally World, and the next thing he said made even more sense. Sure, Wally World may have cheaper everyday prices, but when Safeway has a sale you save far and above the prices at Wally’s so it becomes a lot cheaper.

I was shopping there to SAVE money, yet with his logic it actually ends up costing me MORE money to continue to do what I was doing. I thought that made great sense so I will start doing that myself and I perhaps you will consider this and do the same.

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