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Irish Prayer

Irish Prayer

This whole blog thing is still new to me in some ways – I am still trying to learn a few more things, but I can pretty much do what I need to do with it and make it look okay. It is rather fascinating that I can post something and someone halfway around the globe can read it, and then comment, like, and even follow it if they want to.

It is all so cool when you think about it. I have had 1015 page views so far, and have been visited by people in the U.S., U.K., Poland, Malaysia, Philippines, Israel, and Argentina. A big shout out to all who have stopped by to look, to those who have “liked” a post, and those that have followed me. I really appreciate it!

You know… it would really be cool if I could get a visit from at least one person from ALL of the countries on the planet – there are approximately 196. Perhaps you know someone in another land… just send them my link and have them read a post. Sure, it may seem silly to some people, but I think it might be an interesting goal to achieve. A “Like” or a “Follow” would be really nice, but a visit will be fine; we can work on the other later!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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