Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

My new iMac arrived today. Remember how when we were little our parents told us to not sit so close to the TV? Well, that is gonna be a problem with this one. It is huge – 27″ worth of Apple computing beauty sitting on my desk. I could probably tan with it.

I do not own a TV, so this will suffice when I want to watch a movie and will also come in very handy when I want to edit songs that I am working on. First I have to get all my info over from the old one to the new one and that is gonna take some time. I want to sift through a few things and not copy everything over. After I get that info off I will scrub the drive and sell the old Mac (in case any of my readers are wanting a Mac. It is a good one!).

Someone gave me a bottle of wine today. I have never really been a connoisseur of wine – it just did not seem like something I wanted to do much of since alcohol, to me, was usually not a daily beverage; it was something to get a buzz on with. It is a screw-top bottle, which, I have found, tastes pretty good and really compliments a can of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee ravioli quite well.

Glad to have my new Strat back – I picked it up tonight. New light strings and a set-up and it sounds better and plays easier. Now, if I could just sell the other three I want to get rid of…

Back to the gym tomorrow afternoon. I need to work off my extra calories from the feasting this past week. I did do pretty good, though. For my Thanksgiving I grilled a chicken breast and had it with a little dressing and gravy. It was pretty good, healthy, and it cleaned out the freezer!

Well, better start on swapping my Mac info over. Gotta get to bed and work in the morning.

Good night, Earth.

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