October 5, 2012

Today was the Volunteer Picnic, and it was a good time with a lot of good food. I was flipping burgers and another volunteer was serving them up. My dump cake went over well too, and there was just a bit to bring back home with me to curb my cravings. I also got to bring home a big batch of red plums – juicy and fresh off the tree, and some apple walnut spice cake and apple pie too. Someone brought some warm blackberry cobbler and it was mighty good. What a country!

Went for a short walk tonight to try to catch the sunset but missed it. But, to make it all better, I get to take a run to the lighthouse tonight for a crew change. Gonna be WAY cool… driving on the beach at night! Woot! Seeing a lighthouse up close! WOOT! Seeing it at NIGHT! WOOT! WOOT! The tide is still up but it will be low enough late tonight for us to go so we are leaving at 10:30 PM and back after midnight. I have not been up past midnight in months.

Just maybe I should consider a nap before we go…

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