July 9th, 2021

Yesterday’s salmon berry harvest… …was added to organic gluten-free oats, cashew milk, hemp hearts and chia seeds for today’s breakfast! Got out for a hike yesterday and harvested the berries above. Some made it home in the bag, and some I ate. I will be getting out to pick more and maybe try to freeze … Continue reading July 9th, 2021

June 21st, 2021

Where to go… Happy Summer Solstice! Hard to believe that 2021 is nearly half over. The road beckons! I really think it would be extremely interesting to be someplace where the Solstice has some significance, like Stonehenge. It would be so interesting to attend a Pagan celebration aty one of these places. I have now … Continue reading June 21st, 2021

December 8th, 2018

It's been a bit busy lately. A plane ride to Montana, wrapping up holiday shopping in Seattle, getting some things done around the house - filing away and getting rid of old papers, going through stuff to put away and getting rid of some things. Lately I have gotten to try a few new places … Continue reading December 8th, 2018