I got to snap a few nice shots lately and I thought I would share them. These were taken on my iPhone 6. These phones nowadays have amazing cameras in them. For no bigger than what they are they really put many regular cameras to shame. The video that they can take is even better, … Continue reading Scenery

More Cool Artwork to Check Out

I found a snowshoe artist on another website. The work looked incredible but could not get a link - it went straight to a photo gallery so I searched and found this page: Then, at the bottom of this page, was two quite interesting art pages: and

Light as Art

At the Hayward Gallery in London, England is an art show all about light. Here is a link for it: There is some really cool pictures on here. The one that really catches me is the first one with the rooms. Many other ones are pretty interesting as well, but that one is so … Continue reading Light as Art