Today’s Prompt – September 3rd, 2023

Why do you blog?

It’s ironic this prompt comes up as I believe it was this day 11 years ago I left Colorado. I had just gone through some very serious changes in life and was beginning a new chapter; I lost my job, was going to lose my house, and was trying to find a way through it all.

I still remember that cold, miserable, rainy morning and I even wrote a section about it in an ongoing suite of songs I put together from bits & pieces of other songs I had already and new stuff I add when the songwriter urge strikes me. That morning was a horrible beginning to a new chapter but there have been so many incredible moments since then.

I moved to Washington State from Colorado and planned to make a grand adventure out of it. Along with that I decided to start a blog to keep my family & friends apprised of what was happening in my life.

My actual first post was this one, on September 10th, 2012 after I left South Dakota and it finally hit me that I had no home. It was a very freeing moment.

Now, here we still are eleven years later. I’m still blogging (except for the year break I took a few years ago). I still have a followers that were reading from the start.

Thanks to everyone past & present for reading what I write. It’s both pretty cool and rather humbling.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Prompt – September 3rd, 2023

  1. Earlier in the week, I got a prompt from Facebook that had me posting 11 years ago, your going away party on the roof of the Irish Bar. Brought a smile to my face sharing with you one of those Irish beers that start with the letter “G” (Was it Grain Belt or Guinness?)

    • That was a fun time. What an awesome bar that was. When I can get back there we might have to go there again. I remember a few of us went to that NY pizza joint down the street from the pub. That was a delicious slice.

      I really like that area and always had a good time on Broadsterdam. The Hornet was a cool bar too.

      I remember a lost evening at The Snug too. I’m seeing a pattern with us, bro!

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