Juggling; Yardwork; New Foods to Try; You’ve Got to be Shotting Me

I just saw a story about a juggling club. It made me wonder if they ever make plans or if everything is always up in the air.



I had to get some new spray for the weeds. The last time I sprayed it took care of some weeds but those ten-footer plants are really tough and even though they took a beating they survived. I got some plants resprayed with the new spray today and cut a little bit of grass before I had to stop. The humidity started to climb and I decided to stop until tomorrow. Allergy levels were high and I could tell. Plus the ol’ asthma has been kicking up a cough.

It’s looking like it’ll be early tomorrow as it’s supposed to be 105° F and heat index of 113°F. The forecast to mid-week is looking about the same so I’ll be getting out early as I can to get the grass mowed and get more big-ass weeds sprayed.

I’ve kinda put it off a bit longer this time so it’s going to be difficult to mow in a few spots. I was trying to get the spray to work as much as possible but that don’t work out.


I have gotten kind of burned out on my overnight oats breakfast routine. I have been branching out and adding a few eggs in every few weeks and looking for other things to mix it up for breakfast (or sometimes have a breakfast for dinner).

After researching online for something new to eat I found two granolas that get a lot of love so I thought I’d give them a try. They are both rated very highly for taste and being all-natural.

One is Bear Naked Triple Berry. It’s more of a plain rolled oat cereal with berries in it but it has some added flavor and sweetness. It’s pretty good. I think I like the other one a little better but both are delicious.

The other one is Purely Elizabeth Berry Crisp granola. It has clusters and is a bit sweeter. It’s got what tastes like a cinnamon flavor along with berries.

I could see incorporating either into some recipes to give some crunchy texture and extra flavor.

Of course these are premium priced but it’s healthy real food with no garbage in them. I’m trying to get more of that in my diet.


The cardiologist has sent in the orders for my new cholesterol prescription – it’s the injection one. 😳

But, it’s only once every two weeks and it’s a self-contained device like one of those rescue “pens“ for bee stings. I think it’s going to be okay; it’s gonna have to be. It’s something I have to do now. I do think that the way it’s set up I’ll be able to do it fine after a few tries. They are working on getting insurance to pay for it. It can be quite costly.


That’s all for this post. It’s no longer yesterday; it’s now tomorrow. I’m going to bed finally.


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