A Change of Plans, A Hearing Aid Fix?, Delicious, Finally…Plumbing

Well, yesterday morning I ended up having to go to KC to take care of some things. I had planned to work on the plumbing but this other stuff had to be dealt with so I will work on it later and let the pipes drain out at least overnight.

First stop was T-mobile, who I have had horrible experiences with even months after I am no longer a customer. It’s a wonder that company has any customers and I am so glad I went back to Verizon after my experiences and issues with T. It’s cheap but you get what you pay for.

After that I had to go to a Costco to mainly get hearing aid batteries (they are dirt cheap there). I had not been to this store before and some stores have different things than others. I ended up taking a walk around the store for some exercise and have a look around. I grabbed a few things and hit the Hearing Aid Center for my batteries.

Since I have been having issues with my hearing aids I decided to talk to the guy at the counter, telling him of my issues with the hearing aids and trying to get them fixed. He really listened to me (as opposed to the other Costco I took them to) and replaced both receivers (the wire part with the tiny speaker that goes in your ears on a behind-the-ear aid). I was anxious to give them a try after the parts were replaced.

I left Costco and was unsure where to go next so I thought I’d head back to the house. But, my stomach was growling and only one thing could fix it and it was a mere few minutes down the road. Plus, I have not eaten there in several months so it was a good splurge day.

Rosedale Barbecue.

I was there around 1:00 so the lunch rush was over. I got my usual ham/beef combo sandwich and an order of fries. It was as delicious as usual, but for the first time ever I could not eat everything. It was all I could do to eat the entire sandwich and I ended up tossing some fries out. I left and headed back. It’s after 20:00 as I type this and I am still very full. I have had no dinner and just a couple of fruit snacks – just cannot eat more.

I got to the house and got a fire going. I turned on the TV. From just watching TV it appears that my hearing aids might be fixed! I have to try some more situations out that have given me issues with the hearing aids but so far they have passed the TV test. I am hopeful they are finally fixed so I can hear better.

I had not planned on going anyplace yesterday but it looks like it was worthwhile getting out just getting my hearing aids possibly taken care of.

Today I got up and got an early start on finally getting the plumbing fixed. It went fairly smoothly until…

Tragedy struck. I had two joints left to glue together on one section and the pipe fell, locking a faucet off a pipe and water spewing everywhere. I got the water for the house tourney off. After a rant of “gosh darn” and “ shoot”, I finished up the drain pipe then proceeded to figure out a fix for the busticated faucet out of the parts I had on hand.

I finally got it put together without having to go to town for anything. I had one leak in the drain, but I think I got it taken care of temporarily. I’m going to have to figure out a permanent solution.

The problem is the way the whole system was put together. The way some of the pipes are routed makes a sound sense. With some of the layout nonsense things were put where they shouldn’t have been. So now that I am repairing and replacing with plastic I have to manage a way to make it work. Things will have to be redone a bit as more pipes are replaced.

I’m glad to have that taken care of finally. That’s a huge relief to get that off my list. I still have one smaller pipe to replace that is about 2½ feet long but it may be a bit more complicated. Plus there’s a leak in the main bathroom. The toilet tank needs replaced so that’s on the list now.

That’s all for this update. Hope you have a great day.

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