December 14th, 2021

I think I have only one more night (tonight) in a hotel and I’ll be back to the trailer. And saving some money. Yikes!

As I sit here composing this post in my hotel, I have the weather on in the background. The very route I came this far on is getting blasted with winter weather and high winds. I had hoped to slow down a bit the last day or two but I have still been trying to make miles to stay ahead of it. It’s chasing me and it’s been relentless.

It has not been a very relaxing trip but I have tried the best I can to make the most of it. But, I got gas this morning for $4.57, and not ten damn minutes down the road it was $3.19. I think it will be a long while before I go back to CA or AZ given the fact that its too damn expensive. It’s really no wonder I saw people going east on I-40 with whatever vehicle they had, no matter how roadworthy, heading east. I also think I have had my share of the desert for quite some time. I’m over it after basically five nonstop days of it.

It has been an interesting day. It was 71 here in Tucumcari a little bit ago. Pretty nice weather but it is still very windy and will be most of the rest of the way tomorrow it looks like. I saw what looked like a drug bust on the highway in AZ, but I saw a guy walking down the interstate right before that. He was walking in the wind, pushing a shopping cart with all his worldly goods in it, in the INSIDE shoulder of the Interstate, trying to keep the crosswinds from knocking his cart over. Why he was on the highway would be one question, but at least he could have gotten on the outside shoulder since it’s bigger.

I did see some interesting old buildings but stayed mostly on I-40; I was forced into making time again due to the weather. I got a few pictures:

I stopped late afternoon today. I wanted a shorter day of driving and have some extra downtime in the daytime. I hope to get to bed a bit earlier tonight and get up earlier to leave sooner. I have a long drive tomorrow to finish the trip up plus the clock moves ahead an hour. It’s looking like I’ll be fighting winds all the way again.

Looks like it’s not going to be a better ending to the trip.

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