December 5th, 2021

A rough night last night with little sleep and what sleep there was restless. I kept waking up mostly due to the lights outside; why Best Western insists on lighting up their hotels like a Supermax prison I don’t understand. I like it to be as dark as possible when I go to bed, but it was way too bright. It was so bright the curtains almost burst into flames.

As the day wore on my throat started to hurt then my sinuses. Kinda that feeling in your nose when you eat Chinese mustard – that burning, itching sharp pain. I have dealt with it all damn day and it has gotten worse. And a headache helps too. But the cherry on top is my ears hurt so bad in the altitude I had to keep popping them. I can barely hear so something ungood is happening. I have two more days to drive and I will be near my doctor but I honestly don’t know if I can wait if it isn’t better tomorrow.

I was wondering if the zinc had anything to do with it so I stopped taking it this afternoon. I got in the shower and put a washcloth over my face and breathed in the moist air through it and it really helped so it must be really dry inside my nose. In fact, it was SO dry that I pulled a camel out of it. No, not really. I didn’t do that. I bought some nasal rinse and nasal gel.

This being sick thing is nonsense. I don’t get sick very often, but when I do I usually make it pretty worthwhile.

I am thinking it should not look like that

The drought got much worse the farther west I went. I saw animals grazing in barren pastures. Just a sprout of green here and there. At one of the rest areas I stopped at the sewer lagoons were bone dry. Probably from the drought, but it could be lack of usage even though it IS December. I am sure the highways were busy this summer – I was in some of it.

They are really putting up green energy windmills all over western KS and eastern CO. There were many, many more since I was through there a couple of years ago. Looked like some more were going to be put up:

Theses are cool to see because of the size and you wonder how they get them down the road. But, it isn’t the oddest thing I have seen. About 10 years ago I was on a roadtrip with my friend Rich and just about an hour east of Grand Junction, CO we saw the big Marilyn Monroe statue on a truck. It had been sold and was being moved to its new home – Palm Springs, CA.

The drive was pretty dull with all of the drought effects going on. I saw the remnants of a few Stuckey’s stores and we stopped at a few when I was a kid. Most are no more but you can always tell by the building.

I ended up in a hotel in Grand Junction for the night. It is a chain I usually don’t stay in but it got high ratings and I got a great price. No bright lights beaming through the windows!

A few other things came to mind while driving along today. One thing in particular was quite interesting. When driving back to KS from CO may years ago a friend and I stopped at about 3 AM at a rest area in western KS. It is the one with the big boulders with fencing around them – hard to miss. Anyhoo, we went in to use facilities and came back out. We sat down a bench to get some air before hopping in my tiny little foreign car and hitting the pavement again. We sat there and all of a sudden a bus came screaming through the rest area full speed. The driver finally got the thing stopped and off hopped a bunch of pale older teen school kids that were kinda pale. I guess the brakes went out when he was making the exit and he was committed by that point. He did a great job.

I remember being little and thinking “Oh holy poop! We are in a different TIME ZONE now!!!”. Yeah that was big – we were for sure going at that point.

On this drive I found that Hays is now a fairly booming metropolis, and many places farther west out to Goodland just seem to be falling by the wayside.

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