November 8th, 2021

A double-espresso watching a beautiful sunrise. Nice start to a day!

Today we got out and spent the day expanding the chicken pen so they have more room to roam. It was a really nice day to take care of getting it done. Those will be some very happy chickens; it’s about three times the size of the old pen. It took most of the day but it turned out looking pretty good.

In the spirit of Movember, I have not shaved this month. Got that scratchy, beard-growing thing happening but that doesn’t bug me too bad most of the time. It makes me look older since it is grey, and THAT is the part that bugs me. Maintenance is fast but still a hassle, although a minor one.

I have been thinking about how I travel & do my blog. I think am going to try doing something new & different during all of my travels, be it a day, weekend, week, or month. I have seen many articles about travel journals so I am going to give it a serious go.

I plan on using it to make notes for my blog instead of doing it all from memory at the end of the day or trying to cram it into my phone. It will be easier to haul in my backpack than the iPad, weighs less, and I don’t have to worry as much about losing it.

Another thing it can do is slow down the pace, which I am pretty good about anyway, so it’s easier to see and appreciate things more. I’ll find a rock to sit on or a tree to sit under, or perhaps a sidewalk café or coffee shop in Europe and put thoughts to paper while fresh on my mind. Problem is I want to go see things and not just sit there!

I have one that I took on the last trip to Europe but didn’t end up using. I will dig that out and start using it. It’s really perfect for what I need and a great starting point to get it dialed in for my purposes.

If you are interested in saving money on flights, I use Scott’s Cheap Flights to look for deals. If you are interested in signing up for emails (free or paid), here is a link. I have gotten some screaming Ellie membership email deals on this site lately; Caribbean for less than $200 from NY, Europe for the $400s…you get the idea. They do have a few tutorials on the site for tips on flights, searches, etc. DISCLAIMER: I do get a free month of Elite membership for each referral plus a chance to win a trip.

That’s all for now.

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