September 2nd, 2021

Ahhh…the forest. Does the mind and body good.

Just got back from a two mile stroll in the woods. Both the foliage and weather are definitely getting into Fall mode. This is a great time of year to be in the woods since vacation time is over and everyone is back home none too soon. The cooler temps really make for an enjoyable hike.

This is the last big weekend hurrah of Summer this year. It should really slow down even more after Monday. I am really looking forward to the crowds dissipating. It is always nice to get our lives back.

I’m starting to see more of the lower-altitude trees changing color than a week ago. I know that moisture can really affect the changes and even the resulting colors so perhaps that may be part of it too. We should start seeing rainfall around here in the next month or so. We really need it now but the seasonal rains are probably our best hope for it.

I was hoping to get back up to Olympic National Park again while the weather is still decent, but apparently some idiot with a gun is running around the most popular area so they closed off that part this past weekend. Keep it in mind if you are heading that way; it’s best to call ahead to see if your plans will be interrupted. Hopefully they find the person and put them away so we can get back out into the park. There should still be time before first snow to get in a few more hikes up high.

It has been so good to get back out walking. It is feeling pretty effortless and I am finding that I really do enjoy it quite a bit. I can really tell I feel so much better and have lost nearly 40 lbs. Today while going up a long hill I got the heart rate up pretty high and actually had to back off a bit; I was pushing it a bit too hard and knew it so it was time to back off the pace a little. I hike with hiking poles and it is great for keeping your rhythm and pace going. I find they really get my stride locked in plus they do help up and down hills. I also find that, given my habit of walking fast, I tend to hit my stride and walk even faster. I was on the treadmill earlier in the week at cardiac rehab and it was actually too easy so I had them crank up the pain a bit. Next time they will start out more difficult but I will be ready for them!

After the heart attack and following surgery I could not ride my e-bike but I guess I can now finally start to get back on it since I am pretty much healed up. I can now pick it up and put it in the truck if I want to go someplace and have a bike to ride. I will practice with that before I try to pick up the generator and heave it into the truck.

In the last few days I have gotten so many e-mails with discounted airfares. Unbelievably cheap airfares to many interesting places. I have considered getting in on a deal or two but I just cannot do it yet with the pandemic exploding. I just don’t have much confidence it will subside enough to take a risk on being able to even get into certain places in a year. That’s not to say I am not tempted!

That is all for now.

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