May 15th, 2021

I was released from the hospital a mere four days after my surgery. My recovery has moved along at a fast pace, which has surprised me a bit since I am in NO way in athletic shape. I still had to recover with someone checking in on me so I opted to go to a facility that took care of people post-op. Boy, what a huge fucking mistake that was.

I got wheeled into the facility and to my room. This place was a shithole. I mean a real dump…and it was the highest rated of the three I had to choose from. I say this with all seriousness: I really felt I could have died in that place. The conditions of the building was horrific. There were many other issues on top of that. I wanted out, and I made it goddamn clear I was not staying there because the place is a shithole. I found out that this place had lost its license before and had been fined $21,000 for something. It should be shut down again.

My landlords have been volunteering to help so I talked to them and they would keep an eye on me as well as other things like pick up groceries if need be. They came and picked me up and I am now back home, where I can walk outside, eat real food, and heal with a much better state of mind.

It is a LOT of work just trying to get better, but I have been working hard on my recovery and I am not gonna stop. On top of the many restrictions I have to follow, I also have to sort out about 15 different medications every day. Some are extremely vital after my surgery and the first night in that dump I was not even given my meds! I also have to take daily showers to reduce chance of infection. I had to learn a new way to put on my clothes. It is challenging but I am quite able to get around pretty good.

I still have a long way to go to attain maximum recovery. I cannot drive for another three weeks, but with my recovery speeding along that very well could happen faster. The biggest issue I am having is not my chest being ripped open; that’s definitely not fun, but most of my pain is from my back and neck issues. Having my chest cut open and my ribs pried apart messed with all of that and it is much worse than it was before surgery. Pills help to an extent, but the biggest thing to help is what I tried today.

I put about 10 drops of homemade cannabis THC olive oil tincture under my tongue starting this afternoon and it really made a difference with the pain and tightness. It helped much more than the pills did. It is a much better and safer non-addictive option than synthetic morphine or muscle relaxers are and it gave me much more relief than those hardcore narcotics. That dosage was about 10 mg of THC – a light dose – so tomorrow I will start earlier and try to get this under control. Yeah, it’s weed…so what; loosen up your sphincters. It works and it works wonders. And, it’s natural.

That’s the latest.

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