May 4th, 2021


Today has been a sit and wait day and it has been a long one. I did get to move to a room with a water view so that is a nice thing they did for me. I also got an Ativan so my anxieties are a little better for the next 6 hours. As the procedure gets closer it freaks me out a little bit more each day so it helps calm me down. And some of the things they told me last night about post-op were not sounding very pleasant so that did not help much. I could possibly be in here a week after surgery, dependent on recovery progress.

I did not sleep well last night with all the noise happening, even with my hearing aids in my ears but turned off. I had my sleep mask to help block the light and that really helped with that part. I am pretty tired and the Ativan is making me more tired. I hope after the next dose tonight I can get some sleep.

Tomorrow will be a bit busier with getting prepared for surgery – chlor-hex shower, chest getting “shaved pink” (as one P.A. called it! hahaha), and whatever else has to happen. Hope it involves more Ativan. I ordered blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow, and along with it will be some more delicious bacon – just like this morning with my French toast. Oh, that tasty and delicious porky goodness that will soon be a rare treat in my life.

I close this post with an Irish blessing sent to me by a good friend:

For each petal on the shamrock 
This brings a wish your way– 
Good health, good luck, and happiness 
For today and every day.


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