February 14th, 2021

Valentine’s Day. A day of love, candy, wine…maybe sex. None of those things were part of my February 14th festivities. I thought I would go big so I did.

I had a heart attack.

Yep a full-blown acute heart attack, complete with a no-expenses-paid ambulance ride to a cardiac unit complete with lights and sirens. After things calmed down and they got me taken care of for the time being by putting in a stent, they kept me for a few days to get x-rays, bloodwork, etc. worked to as to get an idea of how to proceed. There will be some surgery for me but I am not sure what kind it will be yet. There are a few options and those will be discussed with my new friends “the cardiologists” in a few weeks.

Yeah, I make light of it but I damn well know the seriousness. Anyone who knows me personally knows my sense of humor and it is also how I deal with things sometimes but I DO know the seriousness. I was there in the ambulance when they said “You are having a heart attack”. I was there when they told me about the blockages in my heart. This is for real and it is some scary shit.

I got back home a few nights ago and that’s when it got to me. Given that it was a heart attack it’s not good to get too upset about it for the obvious reasons. I try not to dwell on the “what-ifs” in my life but it’s hard to not think about those things when something off that magnitude happens and made me think back about my motorcycle wreck and the things that came into my mind then; you just cannot avoid it, try as you might.

So I am back at home, bruises and marks all over my body from tests, stent and IV lines and I can barely breathe & cannot sleep. But I am still here to talk about it. They are letting my heart calm down after the trauma and I have new meds as well as exercises so when we have our consults I will be ready to get done what needs to get done.

I will also get a new diet and that will be a little difficult at times (especially during travel) but given the limited options I’ll gladly give up the Kerrygold to be on this planet longer. I have been cutting back on some of the things I used to eat over the last several years so I have a pretty good start on it but there’s more to do and fast.

So the next few weeks the posts may be sparse since I was told to go home and rest. Nothing really exciting about that.

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