December 19th, 2020

My sleep is getting out of kilter again. I woke up yesterday at 3:45 and today 4:50. No idea what is wrong but this needs to stop soon. I may need to go to bed later so I sleep later but what usually happens is I just get less sleep since I still wake up early. I will definitely need to get another eyemask before summer and the daylight that comes with it at 4:00 a.m. but I have plenty of time to do that.

It was an overcast day today and a chance of rain with a possibility of some flooding – a great day for a bowl of chili. I have been in the process of converting and organizing files on my Mac like I posted about previously. Part of my organizing involves consolidating my four email accounts into two – one personal, and the other for business – so I have to update my business accounts with a new e-mail address along with with making sure I did not miss updating my mailing and shipping addresses. I got most everything that is important updated. I’ll catch the ones I missed whenever I get an e-mail.

I have written in previous posts that I use Tripit to organize my travel reservations. It is a very useful tool for travel planning and organizing when it comes to reservations and is top-rated by many travelers. Flight and hotel info is displayed in chronological order, with the details you need and more that you can add. You get suggestions for things to eat, see and do around where your reservation is, weather reports, airport maps and other pertinent travel info. You can add other travelers so everyone has all the same info and anyone in the trip can add a reservation. It is such a useful app/website I use it for all my trips. It links to your email; it looks for any emails for what look to be travel reservations, automatically importing and adding them into your itinerary on the app and website, and adding to your calendar if you want.

The reason I talk about Tripit is this: I got on Tripit this morning to update things and saw something that really surprised me. With all of the trips I have made just since I started using Tripit in 2011 – Europe twice, countless trips back and forth for family, vacations, etc. – I have gone 71,710 miles and 49 different locations. I was astounded by those figures, especially the mileage. One thing to keep in mind is this doesn’t add in miles for places I have gone on day trips or road trips where I drove straight through, such as here to MT so I have many thousands more miles…and that is just since 2011 and I have tens of thousands before that. For some reason, Tripit is logging only 9 countries; I have actually been in 10. Can’t wait to add to all of these totals!

If you are looking for a great travel organizing app I still say that you cannot go wrong with Tripit for its organizing of your itinerary and the details you see all in one place. There are two versions. I find the features in the PRO one better-suited if you travel constantly but are handy for anyone. I can get all the info I need in the regular version since I am not traveling frequently. Traveling in the trailer even the campground reservations I make import in, and I have even had events like concerts show up. Pretty useful. DISCLAIMER: I get nothing out of this endorsement. Just passing along info.

It ended up a lazy day today. I went to mail a package using the automated system but a) there’s a line of four out the door to use the machine (lobby closed on weekends), and b) it’s not presents; it can wait until after the first of the year. We got to get out of the house for a little while today at least, though. I am holding out to get supplies until Monday, avoiding crowds until then hopefully. I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow so it may be another indoors day. With football on and the rainy weather it could actually be a good day to get out and do what I need to do and it would be done. Maybe I will take a ride over and see how many cars are in the lots. If I go early I can get in the door while people are doing their Sunday rituals.

Oh, and I scrubbed the toilet today, too. I know how to party.


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