March 21st, 2020

Yeah…Happy Spring.

Well the world is certainly a different place now. The timing of our Europe Tour 2020 probably could not have been much tighter given the pandemic. We’re all feeling fine after returning but we were fortunate (and the only ones sanitizing anything on any of the flights we were on). I had planned on some extensive road trips this summer but that is now set aside for the time being as I am staying home and stymying away from everyone. I wanted to go back to Ireland this year but don’t know if that will happen or not at this time. I do know for certain that I will not get on any plane until this is under control. But enough about that stuff – you hear enough of it ad nauseam 24/7. I am sure you are as tired of it as I am.

I’m looking at some life-changes soon but do not have further details that I want to share right now. Yes things will be changing drastically for me; it is time for something different in my life and this seems like a good time and opportunity to make these changes. I will update you with another post about it in the future.

There’s really not much else to post today. Just an update that we are not having any illness from our adventure and big changes are coming soon.

Stay safe and listen to REAL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.

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