February 6th, 2020

Man the weather around here has really sucked the last few months. I mean it’s probably just how most people imagine the PNW; it really isn’t usually like this normally. Fifty shades of gray beats you down after a while; add to that the rain, and now some cold weather with snow and rain and your last nerve is done. I think they said on the local news that since January 1st it has rained in Seattle every day but one.

I, like others I know, am over this shit. My granddaughter Alexis came over a few days ago and we were talking about it. She is fed up with it too.

I am ready to go someplace and see some damn sun.

One thought on “February 6th, 2020

  1. Same here, four snows this week but not the pretty white stuff, just the freezing stuff that makes the pro drivers look amateurish and the amateurs a total disaster. Best wishes to you my friend!

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