August 11th, 2019

I know that recent posts have not been real true to the spirit of travel, but I will be able to get back to traveling. It certainly won’t be as soon as I want but I will get to start having fun again sometime soon – I need it. With that said, I did want to post a quick update for those who want to know…

Surgery recovery is still ongoing. I still should not be driving and being right on the bus route has saved my ass tremendously. I can still get to the grocery store, post office and physical therapy appointments with no trouble other than having to schedule my day around the bus stop times to get where I need to be on time.

I am making some progress at physical therapy with my range of motion but still have quite a ways to go before I can even start to work on strength training. The pain is manageable and that is a huge relief. I hope that sometime soon I can start to put on normal clothes and not have to run around looking like a bum.

Recovery from cataract surgery is going great. I cannot wait to get the other eye done and get my lenses changed in my glasses. The difference in my vision has been amazing.

The song I have started is coming along but is proving to be challenging using only the software instruments in my computer. It’s been a learning experience for me to do a song this way since I usually just record an idea with my guitar and build a song from there but I cannot play it yet.

It sucks to go out in the yard and see the cover on my trailer. This summer has been wasted due to my injury but what can you really do? I’ve been daydreaming about traveling and can’t wait to go someplace. I have a few ideas for travel during my time off over the winter and hopefully I will be able to drive sometime soon.

I have been getting out for walks and doing what I can (which isn’t much). My yard has been mowed once this year, and that was a month ago when Meghan was here. My garden is pretty much done except for the tomatoes that are coming on and my jalapeño pepper plant. I grew both of these plants from seeds – the jalapeño is almost bigger than my hand now! The tomatoes are from a seed I got out of a store-bought tomatoes for my salad. That has been very slow-growing but there are several tomatoes on the plant now and I am just waiting for them to ripen.

While out for my walks I get to graze on some berries along the way. There are many Himalayan blackberry bushes along my walk route and they are sweet and delicious. There are some native ones as well as salad and a few thimbleberry bushes so I get a few different ones to snack on. Wish we had some salmonberry bushes growing along with the others too!

I have been having to watch way too much TV – MUCH more than I am used to. I am about out of things to watch that interest me. I have actually started watching some chick flicks that were pretty good. If it is a good movie is all that matters, but I prefer indies, comedies and documentaries.

That’s about all there is for now. Nothing very earth-shattering or fun but it’s an update.

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