February 8th, 2019

Boo. It’s snowing again and it’s snowing pretty hard. By the time you get to the end of this post another inch of it will have fallen. This is on top of all the snow from earlier in the week and this round is just warming up. I bet my palm tree is unhappy about this nonsense. Crazy weather is in full swing and it’s pretty nasty out.

I was out earlier and cars were off the roads and one had rolled. Four-wheel drive is not going to fix stupid or arrogance.  The snow here in the PNW is pretty wet and heavy so it’s much different to drive in than Colorado snow.

I went to the store yesterday in anticipation of not going anyplace for a few days. It was busy but she said it was so busy earlier that the checkout lines went down the aisles. The bread shelves were pretty barren — it was surreal. I was thinking “Damn…wonder if they are watching the same weather station I was…”. Cases of water, gallons of milk, the aforementioned bread…it was kinda crazy. Between what I saw and the news stories about stores in Seattle yesterday and today it appeared to be End of Days.

Only reason I had stopped at all was that I was out of eggs and wanted to get some for breakfast. I picked up a few other things as well. I have a well-stocked cupboard and freezer already so I won’t starve anyway.

So as of now I’ll be holed-up in the house until probably at least Sunday, wood stove cranking, checking a few more movies off the Hulu playlist, and maybe listen to or watch a few podcasts. I want to learn some German words (other than the three or four I already know) for the next Europe trip. A web search found that it is a fairly prevalent language in a lot of Europe and it would be a good universal language to learn (but it is still good to know a local word or two).

When I was out I stopped to get propane in one of my tanks. I am prepared in case the power goes out with the snow and winds they expect and can hang out in the trailer if necessary. I needed to get it filled anyway and this was a pretty good excuse to do it. I have been doing some grilling so I need it for that too.

I almost took the cover off the trailer and started tinkering around in it a few weeks ago but thought about it more and decided to wait (okay, I was really thinking about a weekend trip someplace). While in there I thought I should go ahead and use water system antifreeze and I am really glad I did – it got pretty cold a week or so after that. I just had a feeling about it and decided it would be best to do it.

I did get in it and do some organizing around the first of the year. I got in and got excited about heading out again this coming year so I started a little organizing and washed up the blankets and pout them away. I guess I’ll probably be doing more of that if the power goes out!

Yeah I am ready for Spring.


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