January 21st, 2018 – Making a List… Checking it twice…

We’re not talking Santa here. We’re talking about Europe! It’s been a long wait since buying those tickets two and a half months ago. Many sleepless nights, spending a few dollars buying some travel items, weighing the backpack repeatedly, whittling down the contents of it and cutting what we can get by without.

But now our bags are packed and we are ready to see the world! Jim will be here tomorrow night and we’ll see what happens. We may get out and about tomorrow night, but it may be more of a night to rest. We will hit it hard and heavy on Tuesday and Wednesday seeing and doing some things in Seattle. I think Jim will like Seattle quite a bit.

Now that departure to Europe is imminent the reality of actually leaving to go is really sinking in. I am getting a little anxious to go – not really scared but just that “not knowing but it’s gonna be fun” anxiety. For me this is a major bucket list checkmark. That doesn’t mean it’s just something to “get out of the way”. For me the bucket list is experiences you have and not just some expensive goal.

It’s a long time in the air to get there – 12-13 hours total flying each way. I’ve flown a long flight only once before and never anything this long. That was my trip to Hawaii a few years ago. Reading the guidebooks will be something useful to pass the time since we will be changing time 8-9 hours ahead so sleeping on the plane will be a priority so we can hit the ground running when we get in to our destination late morning. Our timing is actually pretty good it turned out both departing and returning to Seattle. I didn’t plan too much on times when I made the flight reservations; that was secondary to price and luckily we got the best of both.

Well, it’s off to bed for now. Hopefully sleep will happen!


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