Cranbrook to Bozeman

Yesterday I decided that when I woke up the next morning I was going to go on to Bozeman after getting to and staying the night in Cranbrook, B.C. It was going to be a somewhat long day driving but that’s okay. I saw the places I wanted to see in Canada and was ready to get to Montana to see Meghan and Loran.

I got up and had breakfast, then went to hunt down some more fuel to get me back across the border. Wouldn’t ya know…there was a Tim Horton’s right next to the gas station! I stopped one last time and got a snack and some delicious treats they call “S’more Pockets”. Think about that. Yeah, that is what I said too.

Down the highway I went, headed south toward Montana. Ironically, again, I had driven some of these same roads heading north to Banff five years ago; the roads yesterday I were on I had driven heading south five years ago. I have this uncanny knack for directions and remembering places I have been and I do remember these roads from before too.

It was a fairly uneventful drive, with no stops for anything other than the usual breaks. It was nice to get into some dry climate and it has really helped quite a bit with my sniffles. Parts of the drive – the trees, the lack of understory like we have in Washington’s rainier forests – reminded me of Colorado. I did run into some much-needed rain just as I drove past a fire camp near Seeley Lake, MT. The weather was much cooler (40s) and wetter than they have seen there in a while and I bet that lifted everyone’s spirits.

So now I have a few days to rest up and relax with the family. It’s going to be nice and I have been looking forward to this part of the trip most of all.

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