Subject to Change Without Notice…

As you all know by now after reading my blog, I don’t plan trips. This one is certainly no different.

I actually woke up Sunday feeling a bit worse than I did the night before. I felt much better Saturday night than I had in a few days so I did not take any meds and that was a bad idea. I decided Sunday was a day to stay home and rest up.

While resting I was looking at the weather and the maps and getting a little discouraged with what I saw. I am on vacation, dammit, and I AM going someplace. I really did not want to spend the entire first half of the week in the trailer because of the rain, and it was a bad idea to be out in the rain while trying to recuperate. What to do. I went to bed…THAT’S what to do. Don’t want to think about it anymore for tonight.

Monday morning I woke up early (because that’s what I do on my days off) and decided to go to Canada. I had looked at it a little on Sunday but the weather was an issue. I finally said the hell with it and packed up and drove. I need to get away.

I filled up with fuel just before crossing the border. I know gas is spendy in Canada and I hope to skate through without buying any up here but it’s gonna be close. I am gonna do some sightseeing so I will probably have to put some in the tank up here. I saw fuel from $1.14 to $1.22 CAD per litre.

Most of this leg of the trip was through areas I had never been before. Northern Washington is really nice, but that drive up past the border was a really beautiful area once I got past Abbotsford. It is a drive that would be great on a motorcycle – much like the southern route heading north into Banff that I never got to do on my bike. Mountains and lakes and twists and turns…quite a drive. It is probably one of the nicest drives I have ever done.


A Beautiful Drive

I finally got to eat at Tim Horton’s, the big chain in Canada.  It was actually very good and I think they would do very well in the States if they would expand down south. They are owned by the same people who own Burger King and they are light years apart on quality and the look of the restaurants as well as the food.

I ended up staying in the Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Expedia had a deal on it for $45 off for the night so I said WTH and went for it. This is a resort at the ski mountain – a really nice place. Too tired to use the hot tub, plus I don’t really want to be in it with any strangers.

Upon arrival, I checked in and then was upgraded to this ginormous King Suite, with a full kitchen, fireplace, granite countertops, dining area for six, a table and chairs on the patio, and a huge bathroom with a separate shower and tub. It is probably the nicest room I have ever stayed in.


Yeah…it’s really nice

The room is incredible and I cannot wait to see the views and explore tomorrow. The weather has been pretty good and much better than I expected and it may hold out for a few days.

Meghan’s weather report for Montana is not looking good so we’ll see how this unfolds in the next post!


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