A Little Getaway

I decided to treat myself to a little adventure over the weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from everything you see every day and spoil yourself.

I had a delicious supper at a great Greek restaurant tonight in Anacortes called Greek Islands. I have not been there in quite a while and it was just as great as always. Nice atmosphere and delicious food.

As I write this I am kicked back in a suite at the Sunrise Inn, watching “Archer” and laughing out loud. It’s hilarious, but not for the faint- hearted. I no longer have TV at home and only had it for 4 months when I did have it. I don’t see TV much these days and haven’t had pay TV in five years. I will catch streaming shows or watch hotel TV when I travel. Summer’s coming so there won’t be much of a reason to be indoors.

We’ll see what happens where tomorrow. Got a few things going on including meeting up with and kicking back a little with some friends. It’ll be good.

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