A Question

As I write this entry this blog has seen 8,671 visits from 78 different countries. That is really quite something to see when it comes to something you have written.

I have contemplated this past week about no longer writing or even posting my blog – away it would go into the digital dustbin. I just do not know if it has “run its course” or not with the people who read it. I try to keep it interesting and yet non-controversial, but do people enjoy it? I don’t post as often as I used to mainly because all of the “new” things in my life I have already written about and they are no longer new.

So, to help me along in the decision, please let me know what you think I should do by sending me a comment if you’d like to see it continue. I will see what people have to say over the next 60 days or so before it renews and make a decision on whether or not to continue it. Your comments, as always, are moderated by me before they post, and may or may not be approved and posted. It’s nothing personal if it doesn’t post.

3 thoughts on “A Question

  1. I enjoy them Shawn but I am your auntie Sharon and want to know how you are..love reading about your wonderful life..I would miss them a lot..

  2. Love the posts, you always give a great visual description of all your activities. Write when you want, if you want but not because you feel you must. Miss you my friend.

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog. If you decide not to continue, I will cry and become distraught. However, I will eventually get over it and move on. Just so you know. Its your call.

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