Remember When…

…before microwaves were all the rage and “T.V. Dinners” were in foil pans and they were 45 minutes in the oven?

Well one other thing I did not mention is that there is no microwave out here where I am now. Nope, not a microwave oven. Some of you reading this never knew a time when there WEREN’T microwave ovens like some of us remember. It is interesting to relive those days, trying to figure out how to heat leftovers and not burn the hell out of them. Good old days my ass. It is just another part of the adventure!

I know other caretakers have brought their own to use. Since I don’t have a house I don’t own one, however, and am not going to go buy one. It is going fine without it so I will just keep doing what I’m doing. It is nice to have room to be able to cook again. The cabin at the spit was cozy, but not much room in the kitchen area. This place is pretty good size and has a lot of counter space to use. Plus, living out here you really have to cook to make things last long enough. You can’t just run to the store if you need something so you really have to plan carefully. The weather plays a huge factor in that as well.

I really do need to get to town however and get some groceries. I have stuff to eat, but I need to pick up some other things. I need some cheese… NEED some cheese. And some eggs. I do always try to keep some things like mac and cheese or cans of soup on hand that way if things run short I will have that to get by on. I don’t really keep that in my “inventory” of things in the cabinet to eat so it is always there “just in case”.

Well, time to eat something.

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