I am Getting Excited for My New Adventure!

Well, I have started to pack my belongings for the move out of the cabin here at Dungeness NWR in preparation for going to Protection Island NWR. It is still a bit strange, but I have to get it done and I am making good headway with it. I have most things packed that I can put into storage and won’t be needing for the next six months. Packing has also given me a chance to go through and get rid of a few more unused things as well. I found a few items I am not using so it’s time to reduce my inventory some more and get rid of a few more things.

When I came here to Dungeness NWR a year and a half ago, I brought some of my kitchen things along with my personal items like clothes, computer, guitar, etc. It was a learning thing for me – what do I really need and what can I leave packed? This time I am packing all of my cast iron and other kitchen stuff away and I will pretty much use what is on the island. It will be much easier to go and return from the island this way. I checked out what is supplied already when I was out there yesterday getting some boating practice in and training on what needs to be done. I don’t really need to take too much other than personal necessities, so there should not be much to move.

Speaking of boating, last week I got to go out in the law enforcement boat, which is open (no cabin). We were out in rain and some minor rough seas that day testing out some new props we installed on it. That was fun, and the weather we got into was on the way back, cold wind and rain in the face added to the excitement. Yesterday was different, however. It was rough enough to warrant standing up to absorb the shock from the boat dropping down off the waves. I was pretty much running the boat on my own (just like I will be in a few weeks)… the guy I was with was just being a passenger but was giving me a few tips on boating on rough water since he has quite a bit of boating experience and is a great teacher.

Just like when I started driving all those years ago, the first time or two out in the boat alone will be quite different and strange. It will still be fun though! It is part of my job for now and I am really looking forward to this next chapter in my life.

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