Free Enterprise

I just read an article where a clever and industrious Girl Scout set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. What a genius move! She sold 117 boxes in TWO HOURS and had to call for more! The Girl Scouts even had no problem with her setting up shop there. I bet not, with 117 boxes gone in two hours. Maybe they will move more stands there instead of in front of the door at the grocery store.

The article goes on to say that she is seeing people in need of medical help that the dispensaries provide and understands a bit more about what is going oat. The article said the her and her mother can have a “mature” drug discussion and talk about the people they are seeing going in and out of the dispensary.

I know Girl Scout cookies are not really the healthiest things there are (and that is not why we buy them anyhoo), so maybe next to her booth someone should set up a Weight Watchers or a Lipitor stand.

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