Open Water Training

On Monday the 13th I started my second class, which was training to operate a boat in the ocean. In it we learned charting a course, using a GPS, how to read weather conditions, and more. This day was spent in the classroom doing exercises on these things and more.

Day two was spent in the water putting our new-found knowledge to the test in the real world on the water. We were near Kaneohe by the Marine base. It was a picture-perfect day… sunshine, good water, 70s… perfect. We did high-speed turns in the ocean, practiced charting and correcting courses underway, coming alongside a moving boat in the water, and towing methods. It was a great and tiring day in the sun practicing skills.

When all was done, I passed and I am now certified for open water operation of a boat in the ocean. I still need to get out and continue to practice with boats in our area and with some more experienced people to hone my skills further. Boating is a lot of work and is very involved. It is fun, but is pretty serious at the same time.

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