Last night I was in a store doing some shopping and I heard a woman on her cellphone. That is plenty annoying enough, since she could not even speak even somewhat quietly, but I then heard a noise and discovered that she was walking around with the damn thing on speakerphone. I made a loud and sarcastic comment to the cashier nearby that “I just cannot WAIT until you can use a cellphone on a plane”. I made sure the woman heard me and I was ready to say something else even more rude if she did it again.

I, personally and intentionally, avoid being around others on my phone as much as I can. It is, quite simply, rude and disrespectful – nobody wants to hear your conversation and should not be subjected to that. And, as the one on the phone, you SHOULD be smart enough and polite enough to understand this. But this idiot walking around on a speakerphone so you can hear the entire conversation… that really is annoying. I have even been in a bathroom and heard people on the phone clearly taking a leak or in a stall, with flushing going on all around them. Yeah, I sure would want to hear THAT on the other end of the phone in the middle of a conversation. I make sure I am as loud as possible coughing, flushing, and making whatever other noises I can muster up.

Whenever I am around someone on a call like that I always make a comment so they can hear me. I hope the person on the other end hears it too. I have even gotten into the conversation before. The way I see it, if you want me to hear what you are saying then I get to be involved in your conversation and so I will. I make a point to NOT be quiet, and can, and will, be just as loud and obnoxious as you to make my point. What I would like to see happen more regularly is whole groups of bystanders ganging up on the people and making comments, conversation, and noise directly around those who keep insisting on doing this.

Now don’t get me wrong… I love my technology. It makes my life easier, but at the same time it should not make life harder for those around me. If I get a call sometimes I will not even answer it if I am in a crowd – just because your phone rings you do not have to answer it. What in the hell has ever happened to respect for others in this world? This is just one example of how disassociated we have become to not only our surroundings, but also to the people around us.

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