Ghostery Usage Update

Well, after using Ghostery for my web browser it is interesting to see just how we are tracked and how MUCH we are tracked. It seems that most sites you visit have about 8-11 tracking items that pop up in Ghostery. Most of the websites seem to work fine using it to block the tracking. There are a few, however, that will not. One is the KING5 website in Seattle; it is too closely tied in with Facebook, so the news stories will not show up unless you disable the Facebook trackers. I would hope that all website admins would kill this feature – they could lose website hits. I will be looking for a new Seattle news website that doesn’t do this.

Another wonderful benefit is that it will disable most of the comment blogs after news stories so you are not sucked into reading ignorant comments made by The Brain Trust trolls who think they know all regardless of the topic and the fact that they cannot spell.

I will not stop using Ghostery now that I see what is going on behind the scenes… well, as much as we know about.

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